Founded in 2013, the Mammoth Half Marathon is a premier race that celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of Mammoth Lakes while raising money to help its communities. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3), all net proceeds are donated to community service projects and local charitable causes. In addition, we hope to catalyze volunteerism as a way to help communities throughout Mammoth Lakes.  The Mammoth Half Marathon is the second half of the “San Diego – Mammoth Challenge” and is the sister race to the San Diego Half Marathon held annually in March.


Our inspiration comes from the book, “Do Something! Make Your Life Count” by Miles McPherson. We strive to make a meaningful and measurable,
 positive differences in the lives of this special community. To ensure transparency and maintain the integrity of the mission and financials, an independent financial audit by a third party is conducted on an annual basis.


Our mission is to promote community service initiatives and causes that catalyze volunteerism and charitable giving as a way to transform lives, while providing a premier, professionally-managed running event that leverages and celebrates the unique qualities of Mammoth Lakes. The event will also help benefit charities by enabling runners to raise money for select causes.


Our team includes over 130 years of executive business management, marketing, and project management experience from a variety of companies including Qualcomm, the US Navy, and Nautical Enterprises. Race day operations are being performed by companies with proven track records in races ranging from 8,000-30,000 runners, including areas such as timing, traffic, photography, and logistics.

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